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Our services

Our services

We style to show the home from its most attractive angle and create an alluring and memorable experience that inspires every speculator to fantasize about living there: a place I want to call my home. This is true regardless of current housing market conditions.

Investing in home styling to prepare a home for sale can be a very valuable strategy. With our professional service, we help you improve the look and feel of your home and attract potential buyers, thereby increasing the sale price.


Basic styling

To create the right feeling for photography and viewing, the home is complemented with interior details and lighting.

The service includes: Lighting, textiles, wall decoration, plants, cut flowers, fresh goods.

Basic styling
Average styling

Average styling

We look over the whole with furniture and lighting and we complement the home with suitable furniture and interior details.

The service includes: Complementary furniture, lighting, textiles, wall decoration, plants, cut flowers, fresh goods.

Full styling

Empty homes need to be furnished to create the right feeling. Before photography and viewing, we furnish the entire home.

The service includes: Furniture, lighting, textiles, wall decoration, plants, cut flowers, fresh goods.

Full styling

This is how it works:


We book an appointment and come home for a meeting in your home to see which styling you need.


After the visit, you will receive a quote and timetable that is adapted to your home.

Planning & Packing

We plan and pack everything to be sent to your home.


Your home is styled for photography and viewings.


The photographer is informed about our thoughts about the apartment in order to get the right feeling in the pictures.

Your home is sold

Congratulations! This is the day you planned for. Now your home is sold!

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