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At Helins you can always feel safe when we do a house valuation of your property. We have provided housing and have had regular assignments with satisfied customers for over 30 years.

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Are you looking for a real estate agency that can evaluate your apartment or house Gothenburg? Do not hesitate to contact us regarding valuation of your home in Gothenburg. At Helins, we have the right tools to get current prices on your street/area.

If you are thinking of selling your villa, townhouse, condominium or holiday home, you obviously want to know what it is worth by a house valuation . And even for those who are planning to sell your property a little later, a valuation is interesting. An assessment of a property is based on the location, design and condition of the dwelling, and the demand for housing in your area at the present time. Our real estate agents also look at market factors such as interest rates, loan situation and the current range of properties on the market.

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Contact us for a free Oral valuation and advice of your home and get an estimate of what you can get in the event of a sale. You do not commit to anything in connection with the property valuation.

Our real estate agents will help you evaluate your apartment or make a house valuation of your property.

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Do you want to evaluate your apartment or do a house valuation through a realtor? At Helins, we help you evaluate your apartment or do a house appraisal. Fill out the form below and we promise to return to you as soon as possible and give you a presentation of a valuation.

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