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Sell with us

Sell with us

Selling your home is both an end and a beginning. Your safety and security throughout the sale is our top priority.

We help you make the best housing deal of your life

What is my property worth? What rules and papers apply? How long will it take? Should I buy homestyling or not? What is required of myself? You can have many questions. We have answers to all of them. From valuation to finished contract of your villa, condominium, vacation home or plot. We guide and assist you throughout the process, with the aim of making your life's best housing deal.

Selling, step by step:

The first contact

When you decide to give us your trust, we meet in your home. You tell us your wishes and we tell you what we can do for you. Together we plan a continuation that suits your conditions. If you need help finding your next dream home, we are ready to help you with that too.

We evaluate

Location, condition, planning, supply and demand and interest rate situation affect the price picture. Other factors are the housing's operating costs and renovations. We determine a time and marketing plan for sales. If we need to lift the overall impression of the home, we can offer complete service through our contact network of craftsmen.

Effective marketing

To reach exactly the right target group, we customize the marketing of your home. Own photographer takes professional photos and the unique advantages of the home are described in text. You approve before publishing. We select the best channels; in print, on the web and social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Hittahem. With our long experience and local partners, we contribute with speculators and buyers throughout Gothenburg and the surrounding area.

Time for viewing

Everyone who comes to the show is pre-booked with names and phone numbers. They receive a warm reception and plenty of time. In peace, they can ask their questions to the broker and get answers. At the same time, we have close contact with you as a seller and are sure to update you about the interest in the home.

The bidding!

After the viewing we will contact all visitors. The normal thing is then open bidding. This means that all bids are submitted directly to your broker. We continuously report the highest bid to you and also to other speculators. You yourself are the one who ultimately decides who can buy and at what price.

The contract

We at Helins arrange all contract documents and work out any uncertainties. The agreement becomes binding only when the purchase contract is signed by both parties. All purchase documents are designed by the brokers' society's lawyers.


You and your buyer agree when the property is ready for handover. Access takes place at Helin's office. At this time, all parties are present: the broker, seller and buyer. All purchase documents are sent to Tambur. In this portal for all banks, the transaction is conducted according to our liquidation settlement. If you need moving and cleaning assistance, we are happy to help with our trusted contacts.

Increase value by refining

Over the years, surface finishes may have worn, kitchens and bathrooms have aged, and minor repairs have been delayed in the future. Over the years, we have mediated and helped many sellers to refine their homes by mediating and utilizing our network of craftsmen.

Partners we trust

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